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123 HP Ink Tank 119 Smartphone Printing Setup

If you are using 123 HP Ink Tank 119 Printer then you should understand that
could be setting up with smartphone in unique ways to print.

Step 1: Check Compatibility of Ink Tank 119 using Smartphone

  • The HP Ink Tank 119 printer which you are using should be suitable to work with the Smartphone or Android device.
  • The Smartphone Printing Setup connection has Inter-connection through which the 123 HP Ink Tank 119 Scanner Setup Scans the Smartphone.
  • The device used must be able to make use of HP Print Service Plug-in service over a Wi-Fi network or using the Wi-Fi Direct connection smoothly.
  • For the HP printers that support Bluetooth Smart, and smartphone with Bluetooth v4.0 and later, installation of HP ePrint app is necessary.
  • Be sure, that your Android device has OS 4.4 or later version from the Google Play Store as the earlier version doesn’t support the printing service.
  • The newer devices are compatible to work with the HP Print Service Plugin as well as the HP ePrint app.

Step 2: Verify 123 HP Ink Tank 119 Printing Requirements

  • On the 123 HP Ink Tank 119 Smartphone Setup, there might be a strong and active internet connection. From 123 HP Ink Tank 119 Printer, you need to discard any USB or Ethernet cable that is connected as it might not allow for successful wireless connection.
  • The device which you are using an HP Ink Tank 119 Printer must be connected through the identical local network. Refer printer for getting more information for 123 HP Ink Tank 119 Smartphone Printing.
  • If not, then HP Ink Tank 119 printer which you are utilizing should support using Wi-Fi Direct or HP wireless direct. All the applications used by the HP Print Service Plugin and HP ePrint app, you must install it in your device beforehand.
  • Application types that work with printer are photos, documents, web pages, and emails, or print from cloud services such as Dropbox or Google Drive, Facebook, and Instagram, depending on your mobile device.

Step 3: Connect Device directly with Ink Tank 119 Printer using Wi-Fi Network

  • When the HP Ink Tank 119 Wi-Fi direct icon is selected and the Wi-Fi Direct menu appears. Also, you might also see that Wi-Fi Direct on HP Ink Tank 119 Printer. A blue light might present next to Wi-Fi direct button on 123HP Ink Tank 119 Printer should be ON.
  • You can select either the Wi-Fi Direct or HP wireless Direct button or go to the control panel of Ink Tank 119 Printer and then choose settings and locate Wi-Fi Direct or HP wireless direct.
  • Press the wireless direct button, note the Network Name and Password, and connect the mobile device to the Wireless network.
  • For HP wireless direct connection, you are advisable to choose the name of the printer used like 123 HP Ink Tank 119 Printer. You must have a note on 119 printer to more details on Smartphone Printing.
  • The HP Ink Tank 119 will usually start with DIRECT or HP-Print-model-name and enter the password.
  • If you want to make use of Wi-Fi Direct you must connect the Smartphone/Android device to the network. Go to the Wi-Fi settings for the connection.

123 hp ink tank smartphone wireless connect


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Step 4: 123 HP Ink Tank 119 Smartphone printing Setup using Wi-Fi:

  • It is always required for the purposes that the Smartphone/Android device connected to the identical wireless network that Ink Tank 119 Printer is connected.
  • Printer must be in its ON state and also the
    123 HP Ink Tank 119 Wi-Fi Connection must be done.
  • You must Connect the 12HP Ink Tank 119 Printer along with the network. You need to install or update the HP Print Service Plugin and select a method to switch on the HP Print Service Plugin.
  • The HP Print Service Plugin is switched on automatically after installation for Android devices with 7.0 and later.
  • The first time installation of the Plugin might display in the notification window, and there you might find the HP Inc service installed.
  • For getting the update process, go to settings and choose more, then go to the options for print/printing.
  • Select HP Inc service installed or HP Inc., and then the device is getting ready to provide print orders to printer.
  • Choose 123HP Ink Tank 119 Printer from the list of available printers if there is more than one printer connection usually seen as HP Printer Support.
  • You are advisable to Open the item that you want to print from the menu and go for printing over Wi-Fi network.
  • On the other hand, you must Go to printer control panel, and check whether the Bluetooth Smart and Wi-Fi Direct features are switched on.
  • Bluetooth Smart and traditional Bluetooth pairing are two different features. Hence, though the pairing is possible between the device and the Ink Tank 119 Bluetooth Smart signal does not help in printing from the 123 HP Ink Tank 119 Smartphone/Android device.
  • Create the Connection Method as Automatic from the settings of HP Ink Tank 119. On the selection method connection method as Manual, a prompt displays on Ink Tank 119 control panel to confirm the printer connection every time you want to print.
  • Download and Install the HP ePrint app on your Android device and activate it. Input your email address in the space of Activate using your email box.
  • Check your email, from The HP ePrint service that emails you containing an Activation Code. Note the PIN code in the email sent from the
    123 HP Ink Tank 119 HP ePrint Service and type in the HP ePrint app.
  • By default, the suggestion feature of the required Bluetooth Smart printer is enabled. Also, watch that your Android device is within 2 meters from 123 HP Ink Tank 119 printer.
  • Tap the document that you want to print, and then tap Preview, and then choose 123 HP Ink Tank 119 with DIRECT in the name to get the print.

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