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123 HP Envy 7158 Copy Setup


Step 1: 123 HP Envy 7158 Initial Copy Setup

  • In the tray of automatic document feeder or the scanner glass and place the document which you want to copy. It can be either a Double-sided copy or a Single-sided copy as per your requirement.
  • Check whether Envy 7158 is in the ready state or not. If you find that the light of the power button on the printer is dim then chances are printer is in sleep mode. Press the power button to bring the printer in a ready state.
  • If ADF is available with the printer then it is advisable to place the document or image on ADF which you want to copy.
  • Carefully align the width guides. Make sure, the document which you have placed fits properly.
  • The tray of the printer can accept maximum of 35 sheets of plain papers.
  • Make sure, that the Envy printer and the computer is connected to the same
    123 HP Envy 7158 Wireless Setup network, which makes the copy setup easy.
  • While placing the document or image on the scanner glass of 123 HP Envy 7158 Printer you need to ensure that the print side is downwards.
  • Once, you have successfully placed the document then you can proceed to place the scanner lid down. Now, you make the required settings for the copy job. Complete all steps stated by then proceed to the next steps.

Step 2: Copying Documents on 123 HP Envy 7158 Printer

  • By making use of the copy function, you can duplicate a document or image. You can make all the necessary settings for your copy job.
  • On the control of Envy 7158 Printer find the copy icon and select it. Now, enter the number of copies which you require. For this tap on the keypad and select the required number.
  • After this select settings options and then select advanced settings. 123 HP Envy 7158 copy setup is here to guide you with different settings that you can make.
  • You can copy both sides of the paper. In, a user can copy both sides. For this, locate the menu which is available under the document copy settings. You can select ON from the box available next to the settings.
  • ID copy is a useful feature which helps to copy both sides of different types of an identification card on a One-sided copy. You will be asked to change the side of your identification card by the printer to complete the copy job initiated by you.
  • For making required changes with the size of your copy there is a size or resize option available. Here you will get options to preset and custom size which lies in between 25% and 400% to the original size. Also, we can completely fit to the page and actual size setting as well for making a borderless copy.

Step 3: Loading Paper into the Input tray

  • You can select the paper size by your own and you can select the automatic option for permitting the printer to automatically detect the paper which has been loaded in the input tray of the printer.
  • While using 123 HP Envy 7158 Copy setup, you can also select the paper type for your copy as plain paper or photo paper. Make sure, that you have selected the right document type. Otherwise, the copying speed will be very slow.
  • You can make changes with the paper size as well. But for this first, make sure in the input tray of the printer there are desirable paper sizes and type inserted.
  • By using the tray selection option, you can select the paper input tray having the required paper which is to be used with your copy job. During the HP Envy 7158 Copy setup, you can also select copy quality level.
  • To select the level of darkness and lightning, slip the button and then tap on OK.

123 hp envy loading paper

Step 4: Scanning Documents on HP Envy 7158 Printer

  • If you want to enhance the quality of the copy, you can sharpen the edges of the text or image or improve the faded color of the image.
  • 123 HP copy fix is available if you wish for an automatic copy and quality and the adjustment tool.
  • For Multi-page copies, there is a feature called Collate available. As per your need, you can turn off or on this feature.
  • You can turn on the margin shift if you want to copy a page whose margin is shifted to the left side of the page.
  • For retaining all the settings with your future copy job and as well you need to save all your current settings. By doing so you can save a lot of time required for making all these changes in the settings.
  • For restoring all the copy settings to the defaults, resorting factory defaults is available.
  • Likewise, loading the paper on the HP Envy printer also scans the page on
    123 HP Envy 7158 Scanner Setup. For a Duplex Copy, select Double-sided and then select ON or OFF.
  • If you select ON then, make sure to load the second paper in the glass of scanner when it is asked to do so.
  • For copying any image or document exactly to the original image you will have to crop the margin of the image.
  • If you have selected fit to page option, then with Envy 7158 printer duplex copy function will not work.
  • Tap on back if you wish to return to the copy screen. To begin with the copy job, tap either on black or color. Once completed with 123 HP Envy 7158 documents copy, the printer will start doing the Copy job as required.

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123 HP Envy 7158 Copy Setup with ID

  • Copy with ID helps to copy both sides of different types of identification cards like driving license, voter ID card. Also, using this one can copy many of the items on a single page.
  • On 123 HP Envy 7158 Printer first, select the copy icon and then use the arrow button to find the ID copy option and select it.
  • Press OK to scan the item. Now, turn the item to its other side for scanning or you can place additional items which you want to copy and then press OK.
  • If, you are placing any additional item then make sure that you place that item on the area of the scanner glass which is different from your previous scan.
  • When you are done with the scanning of all the items successfully then you can press the copy button. After this, your copy job will get processed. Envy 7158 copy setup is here to guide you to complete your copy job in the right manner.

123 hp envy copy setup wizard

123 HP Envy 7158 Copy Setup Making Both Sided Copy
  • Double-sided copying feature is present on the control panel of the
    123 HP Envy 7158 Printer Setup which can be used for making a copy on both the sides of the paper.
  • This feature is available with all the printers which are having a touchscreen. Here you need not reload the main page after copying the first side.
  • You can either look for a 2-sided copy menu on the control panel of the printer or you can go to copy and select settings.

123 hp envy double sided copy

  • When asked you are required to change the side of the paper.
  • Select the box which you find next to the settings name.
  • After this select the menu for having a list of 2-sided copying options. To check all the different options which are available with copy job scroll down the list which you see on your screen.
  • To copy two-sided original you need to select 2-side option. To copy two one-sided originals and making one two-sided copy by doing so you have to select 1-2 sided copy.
  • Proceeding with 123 HP Envy 7158 Copy Setup, now you have to select the menu to get a display a list of two-sided copying options. Scroll down the list to see all the options available.
  • While using ADF for the two-sided originals you will find that ADF will automatically scan and copy the two-sided original. As per your requirements, you can also make use of flatbed scanner glass for scanning the two-sided original.
  • You can also use ADF for different other purposes as well like for placing a multiple One-sided copy you want to make. Completing all the steps stated by 123 HP Envy 7158 Copy Setup will help to get your copy job done successfully using Envy 7158 Printer.

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