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123 HP Ink Tank 310 ePrint Setup

123 HP Ink Tank 310 is the cloud based service and it might facilitate the user to print from anywhere by sending the print job steps
via email to Ink Tank 310.If you want to get more information about 123 HP Ink Tank 310 ePrint Setup then take a visit to because we are having qualified and professional team to provide high quality service.

123 HP Ink Tank 310 Printer Initial Setup

Step 1: Check Requirements of 123 HP Ink Tank 310 ePrint Setup

  • If you want to setup printer to make use of ePrint service, then Ink Tank 310 printer must have certain requirements. Otherwise, you cannot make use of ePrint.
  • Suppose 123 HP Ink Tank 310 printer is connected using a USB cable connection, then you need to discard it.
  • The ePrint Setup can be done with the usage of mobile printing solution.
  • You must check whether the 123 HP Ink Tank 310 you are using supports the use of ePrint. For this, look for an ePrint logo, icon or button at the control panel of printer.
  • If you find that the control panel of 123 HP Ink Tank 310 Printer does not have an icon or button of ePrint, then just navigate to either web services setup or wireless settings, based on HP Ink Tank Printer model you can choose any of these.
  • At the same time, you are advisable to locate the web services menu.
  • You can connect your computer either to a wired network or wireless network as per your requirements.
  • If you have connected HP Ink Tank 310 Printer by making use of Ethernet cable, then look whether the green light on the Ethernet port of the Ink Tank 310 printer is stable or not.
  • When the cable is connected, then it is required that the orange activity light blinks.

123 hp ink-tank 310 eprint setup

  • If you are using 123 HP Ink Tank 310 Wireless Connection type with the 123HP Ink Tank 310 Printer, then you will need to confirm that wireless feature is powered On from the both Ink Tank 310 Printer and the computer system.
  • Make sure that whether the both Ink Tank 310 Printer and the computer is connected with the same Wi-Fi network.
  • With some printer, there is a wireless icon and a blue light which is present in the front of the printer.
  • You should confirm that the blue light is on and stable. Refer printer for more details.

Step 2: Proceed to Turn On Embedded Web Services

  • By turning on web service on the control panel of the printer or EWS, it allows 123 HP Ink Tank 310 printer to communicate over the secured network connection with the different mobile printing services like 123 HP ePrint.
  • For making use of ePrint successfully, it is required that the web services are turned on and also the printer's firmware is up to date. Suppose it is not updated, then you must first update the printer's firmware.
  • For turning on EWS with printers which are having a touchscreen, it can be directly done from the touchscreen of the printer. If it asks for the update, then you must update the printer firmware.
  • Go to the control panel of 123 HP Ink Tank 310 Printer and from there locate the 123 HP ePrint icon. Select the icon. For additional information refer for more details.
  • You can open the web services menu in the case of the HP Ink Tank 310 Printer control, this logo is not present. Visit wireless settings for opening the web services menu.
  • If you find a message either to turn on web services or setup 123 HP ePrint then, press Turn on setup or enable according to the printer’s control panel which you are using.
  • Keep following the instructions which you get after this.
  • If prompted for updating the firmware of printer, then press OK.
  • Additionally, you will get a web services summary screen or you will get the connection status, then already web services are on.
  • To get the information sheet, click on print info.

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Step 4: Start Printing by making use of 123 HP Ink Tank 310 ePrint
  • If you wish to make use of email, 123 HP Ink Tank 310 ePrint Setup services facilitates a user to send print job instruction to grab the print of the required document or photo to Ink Tank 310 printer over a secure medium.
  • For sending the print job instructions to the HP Ink Tank 310 Printer you can make use of the computer system on the Smartphone Setup. All it requires is that, you have an active Internet connection on the device which you are using.
  • Before making use of ePrint, you must be aware of some email requirements which are discussed here. For mentioning the email id of the printer on which you want to send your print job instructions make use of the to field.
  • If you have more than one recipient of your mail then, you should not mention all the email addresses in the To field. Only mention the email address of 123 HP Ink Tank 310 Printer in the TO field and mention the email address of all the other recipients in the CC field.
  • In the subject line of Ink Tank 310 Printer, it is always required to add some text. 123 HP Ink Tank ePrint Setup server cancels any print job in which the subject line of the email is empty. Therefore, put some text in the subject line. Do not worry about the subject line of your email it won’t get printing.
  • You need to take care of the total size of your mail including all your attachments. Make sure, the size of the email must not exceed specific MB.
  • In one email of the print job, you are permitted to attach a maximum of ten attachments.
  • The photos which you want to print must have a horizontal and vertical resolution of at least hundred pixels. Resolution can be higher than hundred pixels but not less.
  • Any document which is protected by using an encryption method or password cannot be print by making use of 123 HP ePrint services.
  • Printing on both sides of the paper are not allowed while you are printing by making use of a mobile printing service like ePrint.
  • Your attachments won’t print without your email. You cannot skip the printing of your email along with your attachments.
  • 123 HP Ink Tank 310 ePrint servers might provide a timestamp related to when the print job was created. This timestamp provided by the ePrint server is not accurate.

123 hp ink tank eprint


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