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123 HP Deskjet 4122 Mac OS Setup

The HP DeskJet 4122 Printer is an All-in-one Printer which is used for both Office and Home with cost affordable prices.

They come with various printing portions like scan, copying and fax, and they use both instant and normal inks for printing.

This printer is either connected by a wired, or wireless means to the system.

It has duplex printing option with fax speed of 4 seconds. Refer printers for more details.

To connect any printer by any means, the basic first time setup and installations are required.

Based on this the printer's efficiency and performance the 123 HP Deskjet 4122 Mac Setup has been done successfully.

123 hp deskjet 4122 mac setup

First time Setup of 123 HP Deskjet 4122 Printer

The First time Mac Setup and Installation of 123 HP Deskjet 4122 Printer is a crucial step as the performance of the printer’s end use
is dependent on its setup. The following steps are followed for printer’s first time setup.


Step 1: Unbox the Deskjet 4122 Pinter from the packaged box and remove all the packaging materials and tapes in and around the printer. Check for the accessories present in the box (Black Instant Ink Ready Cartridge, cable, Tricolor Instant Ink Ready Cartridge, Power Cord, Software CD, Setup Poster)

Step 2: Connect the power cord one end to the printer and the other end to the power supply. An input tray is opened by pulling it gently towards you. Place the A4 papers in the input tray.

Step 3: Open the cartridge access door by holding the edges of the door. Insert the cartridge into the slot firmly and close the two access door gently to get the successfull 123 HP Deskjet 4122 Mac Setup.

Step 4: Care is taken that the color cartridge should always be placed on the left side and black cartridge on the right side.

Step 5: The Deskjet 4122 Printer prints an alignment page. If, it doesn't then, on printers control panel touch Setup. Choose Tools options and touch Align Printer.

Step 6: Once the alignment page gets printed, we need to align the ink cartridges to get the best quality print. The printer hardware is now setup and the software is installed by the user.

Step 7: The printer is ready for printing. Refer printers for more details.

First time Installation Setup of 123 HP Deskjet 4122 Printer on Mac OS

The HP Deskjet 4122 Printer supports the Windows and the Mac platforms. The Drivers are installed based on the systems
Operating System. The Driver’s Installation on both platforms are almost the same with slight changes.

The Steps below are followed to Install Driver for Mac OS

Step 1: Go to the HP Enter the printer model as ‘HP Deskjet 4122’ and click Begin option. Refer printers for more details.

Step 2: The HP Easy Start file downloads and instructions are prompted On-screen. These instructed instructions are followed to open the file downloaded. The setup of the printer starts.

Step 3: Select 123 HP Deskjet 4122 USB Setup option when the connection type is prompted on the screen. The 123 HP Deskjet 4122 Mac Setup is done and the below steps are avoided.

Step 4: If, the Easy Start files don’t download, throws an error message or the printer model is not listed, we need to follow the below steps to complete the setup process.

  • Refer and go to Software and Driver Downloads. When prompted by the system we need to enter the printer model and confirm the operating system version used by the system
  • Below the Driver-product Installation Software menu, depending on the option which gets displayed we need to click Download option which is next to HP Easy Start or the full feature driver icon. The file gets downloaded to the system
  • The software and driver download in DJ 4122 can be done through
    123 HP Deskjet 4122 ePrint Setup. We need to open the HP Easy Start file or the HP .dmg file in the folder the file was downloaded.

NOTE: While we install a Mac Printer Driver Using Apple Software, the Update option displays in substitution of download option. We then need to click Learn more option provided to read and follow the steps for installing the print drivers for the Apple Software Update.

NOTE: If, we select Generic driver from the Use menu it can result in minimal functionality of the printer.

Step 5: We need to now return to the HP installer screen to complete the installation of the printer’s driver.

Step 6: We now carry out the Deskjet 4122 printer’s functionalities to print, fax or scan to check for the working of the printer.

  • Select the USB connection type when prompted by the installer for choosing the printer's connection mode. The HP Scan or HP Easy Scan option must be selected on the Installation screen.
  • Click on the Add Printer option when prompted by the system. This creates a print queue on the operating system Mac and a window i.e. ADD window gets opened.
  • We now need to click on the name of the printer. After that, we need to select from the Use or Print Using popup menu, select the printers name, and we then have to click on the Add option.

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123 HP Deskjet 4122 Printer Setup on Mac OS for Printing Documents

123 hp deskjet mac os print

Below steps are followed to Print Document on Mac OS

  • Before printing any document we need to customize the print settings of the document like the page alignment etc.
  • To print a document, the 123 HP Deskjet 4122 Copy Setup can be done.
  • Click the File option from the menu and the select Print option. Refer printers for more details.
  • The settings window of print gets opened. Click on Show details option if the menu is not seen.
  • Select the 123 HP Deskjet 4122 Printer in use. From the displayed Presets menu select option which applies to the print job.
  • Customize the printers setting. The print settings and the menu names vary by printer model and the application you print.
  • Click the Print option, and we get the printed output.

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